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Welcoming Dr Mwelecele Ntuli Malecela to the SCI Foundation family

29 May 2020

Partnership is, and always has been, fundamental to SCI’s work.

We realise that this statement is made by many organisations working in the field of global health and development, and we continuously need to work to ensure that we take this principle seriously and embed it in everything we do. Now that we are an independent organisation, it is more important than ever before.

We also recognise that there is no point in doing what we do if it does not ultimately result in strong, resilient health systems that can respond to the needs of their populations. For this to happen, we know that we must bring the right perspective into all our decision-making processes.

We have always partnered directly with ministries of health in the countries we support to plan, deliver, and monitor impactful health programmes. We want this approach to be reflected in all parts of our organisation and our governance structure.

That is why I am so delighted that we have recently welcomed Dr Mwelecele Ntuli Malecela as an observer to our Board of Trustees.

As the Director of the Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Malecela is a leading expert on best practices for disease control. Having held senior positions in regional and national programme and research organisations, including heading Tanzania’s National Institute for Medical Research, she brings with her a unique combination of technical and leadership skills, as well as the perspective of the very systems we aim to support.

I am so grateful to Dr Malecela for lending her precious time and expertise to our organisation, and personally for being such an inspirational role model for so many of us working in the field of NTDs.

I know she will make sure that we uphold our commitment to partnership.

Dr Wendy Harrison