SCI Foundation is now Unlimit Health. Learn more about what the change means for our ongoing efforts to eliminate neglected tropical diseases

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Action for Global Health publishes Stocktake Review

Today, Action for Global Health publishes the Stocktake Review. This report provides an assessment and a series of recommendations for the UK’s role in global health.

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Unlimit Health and visual artist Nuits Balnéaires win Inspiring Communicator Award

On 28 February at a ceremony organised by Charity Comms in central London, Unlimit Health and Nuits Balnéaires were awarded the Inspiring Communicator Award in the 'Best collaboration (freelancer and charity)' category.

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We are inviting all qualified and competent organisations in Madagascar to submit proposals to act as a fiduciary agent that handles all incoming and outgoing programme funds on behalf of the Madagascar Ministry of Health, in line with the Unlimit Health financial guidelines and processes.

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An unspoken taboo impacting women’s health

Due to misconceptions and stigmatisation, women living with female genital schistosomiasis are often confronted with additional layers of neglect, putting them at risk of life-changing symptoms. By reading this article, you’re supporting women to be seen.

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Q&A with Sylviane Miharisoa, Research Technician in Madagascar

To mark International Day of Women and Girls in Science we had a conversation with Sylviane Miharisoa, an entomologist with a passion for mosquitoes and vector-borne disease research Madagascar. Sylviane reminds us of the hurdles that women pursuing a career in science face, but also of systemic inequalities that still exist.

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Schistosomiasis through the eyes of a father and son

Said, a young boy from Zanzibar, would like to be a great footballer one day - but schistosomiasis nearly took that dream away from him. Children across the world are better able to follow their aspirations when their health is not limited.

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Interactive Storymaps

Integrating female genital schistosomiasis prevention with sexual and reproductive health

People need services that provide holistic care reflecting the reality of their various health needs. Integrating services for female genital schistosomiasis (FGS) into routine sexual and reproductive healthcare is therefore essential. This interactive story illustrates the benefits of integration and provides a case study from Côte d’Ivoire, including key recommendations for an effective FGS prevention and integration approach.

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The link between deworming and universal health coverage

Mass deworming campaigns are one way to guarantee the right of all people to live a healthy life. This is entrenched in the principle of universal health coverage (UHC). In this interactive story, we highlight how donations to our deworming work not only contribute towards the WHO goal of eliminating parasitic diseases by 2030, but are also critical for realising UHC.

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Refining deworming treatment campaigns: an interactive exploration

One of the biggest challenges in tackling parasitic worm infections is that they affect the most marginalised and hard to reach people. How do we, therefore, make sure that treatment reaches the those most in need?

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