SCI Foundation is now Unlimit Health. Learn more about what the change means for our ongoing efforts to eliminate neglected tropical diseases

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Results achieved by Unlimit Health over 2021 – 2022

Our Results 2021-22

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SCI Foundation’s annual reports

Read the annual report for 2021-22 here

Lire la version française du rapport annuel 2021-22 ici.

We supported 55% of global schistosomiasis treatments

From organisations supporting countries where schistosomiasis is endemic, Unlimit Health delivered 55% of all the treatments.

The programmes we support are cost-effective

We’ve been honoured to be named one of the most cost-effective non-profit initiatives in the world and have been a GiveWell grantee for over a decade.

Just £1 can help deliver treatment for up to 3 people.