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Expenditure 2021 - 22

Children enjoy the Nile riverfront in Buwaiswa, Uganda, a community participating in a pilot project. Credit: SCI Foundation/Malaika Media.

Financial reports

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Funds transferred to country partners

Why your support matters

Our programme partners are doing an amazing job, and there are still more countries that need support. With more funding, we’re confident we can help reach even more people.

Treatment needed for schistosomiasis*

  • Only 44% of people needing treatment globally were treated in 2020
  • 131.2 million people did not receive treatment

Treatment needed for intestinal worm infections*

  • Only 58% of people needing treatment globally were treated in 2020
  • 613 million did not receive treatment

Be Part Of The Change!

*Data taken from World Health Organization Neglected Tropical Diseases Progress Dashboard 2011-2020

* Average results demonstrated for all country programmes where data are available. For every treatment provided against schistosomiasis, treatments are also offered against intestinal worm infections where both diseases are present. Treatment numbers are for schistosomiasis only and dating from 2010 when the current reporting system was established.