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Supporting treatment for parasitic worm disease

In 2022/23 we supported treatments for 50 million people at risk from parasitic disease. In 2023/2024, we plan on supporting treatments for around 75 million people in twelve partner countries. So at a cost of around 0.33p per person treated, your donation, however small, can make a real impact on people’s health, education and quality of life.

£50 can ensure that 150 people have access to deworming treatment and can live lives unlimited by preventable parasitic disease. Donate now.


Getting treatment to more people at risk

Only 44% of people needing treatment globally were treated in 2020.

131.2 million people at risk from parasitic disease did not receive treatment, in part as a result of difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are now working hard with our country partners to close this treatment gap. This includes broadening access to treatment to include groups not adequately covered by mass treatment campaigns, such as pre-school children and women of reproductive age.


Tackling the drivers of infection

Even expanding access to treatment for people who currently miss out will not be enough on its own to achieve elimination of parasitic worm disease. To address this, we have been working on other key drivers of parasitic disease, such as unsafe water contact and transmission between animals and humans.

£42 could keep people safe from contaminated water while they earn their living from fishing.*

*Based on the cost of a day’s labour to make going into the water safer, such as building a jetty over contaminated water.

Graphic showing text saying every one pound donated can treat up to three people


“I started feeling uncomfortable and had pain. I stopped going to the lake because I was not feeling well. Before receiving the treatment, I was really unhappy. But now I am happy and can play games to the end.” – Said from Zanzibar. Image by: Unlimit Health/William Mgobelo


Children enjoying the afternoon on a boat in Buwaiswa, Uganda.
Children enjoying the afternoon on a boat in Buwaiswa. Image by: Unlimit Health/Malaika Media


How donations were spent in 2022/23

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