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Maintaining a Schistosomiasis treatment programme during an Ebola outbreak

21 June 2018

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has recently experienced an outbreak of the Ebola Virus. First reported on 8th May 2018, there have so far been 38 confirmed cases and over 20 deaths.

The SCI continues to support a schistosomiasis treatment programme in DRC, and fortunately, the outbreak did not start until just after the last round of treatment was distributed in the country. This means that the programme has so far not been affected.

Currently, our in-country partners within the Ministry of Health and all provincial-level staff are aware of the situation and are being appropriately cautious with activities. They are continuing to monitor and evaluate the programme, and Ebola-affected areas are not included in evaluating activities, to ensure that staff remain protected.

Our programme partner in DRC, Dr Arthur Nondo, said:

“We feel fear because our colleagues went close to the affected area, but fortunately we had finished the MDA [mass drug administration] by then. We are hoping that the outbreak will be gone before the [remaining] 2018 activities, as a lot of people go to these areas to organise trainings and supervision.“

The next round of treatment distribution is not due until October so we, together with our partners, are hopeful that further treatment distribution will not be halted before then. However, this will depend on how long the outbreak goes on for and how far it spreads.


Dr Mousumi Rahman, Senior Programme Advisor for DRC, Mauritania and Niger.