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We’re inviting children aged 8-16 years in the UK to take part in our poster competition to help shine a light on neglected tropical diseases 

Art has the power to shed light on important issues that some people may not be aware of. Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are one example. These are a group of 20 debilitating infections that affect more than one billion people in the world’s poorest communities.  

NTDs are mostly driven by the surroundings people live in, such as low-quality housing and inadequate water, sanitation and health services. Without treatment, they can cause long-term health problems affecting people’s wellbeing and future.  


The brief  

Send us a hand-drawn poster using any medium you like, on the theme Shine a Light on neglected tropical diseases. The poster should be no bigger than A3 size. The competition ends on Friday 19 January. 


Submit your poster  

Email your poster to as a high-resolution photograph, and in JPEG or PNG format. The file size must be at least 1MB and should not exceed 20MB.  


Please give us the following information with your poster:    

  • Full name of the child  
  • Age of the child  
  • Where the child lives (city, country)   
  • Name of the school  
  • Full name of the parent or guardian 
  • An active email address so that we can contact the entrant’s parent or guardian about the Competition only
  • A valid phone number if the parent or guardian wants to be contacted about the Competition by phone  
  • The artwork’s title and the story behind the artwork: the entrant will explain what inspired them and their creative process. What did they want people to think, feel and do when they see the artwork? (A maximum of 100 words)  
Email my poster


The prize  

CEO of Unlimit Health, Dr Wendy Harrison, and Sahara Aziz, a winner of our 2023 Shine A Light poster competition. Sahara said, “I was inspired to create this poster because I feel like people who suffer with any tropical disease must feel like they are drowning, and are just waiting to see the light.” Image by: Paula Plaza/Unlimit Health

There will be 3 winners for each category (8-11), (12-14), (14-16) years, chosen by a panel of artists and NTD experts. Winners will receive art supplies and the opportunity to attend an event seeking to raise awareness of NTDs in Parliament.   

Winners will be notified the week prior to World NTD Day on 30 January to ensure that they can attend the event in Parliament. 

The competition terms and conditions are here.