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Winner of Unlimit Health’s poster competition reflects on her experience at the Houses of Parliament

5 February 2024

By Emilia Kaczorek 

The NTDs and malaria event in Parliament was an intriguing and delightful experience. Not only did I learn a lot about people’s experiences of these neglected diseases, but I was also able to talk with several people, which was really exciting for me!  

Emilia’s poster design

I’d never been involved in such an event before, and to know that it will benefit those affected by neglected tropical illnesses in the coming months, makes me happy, especially because I played a small part in it!  

I would have never imagined that I would be involved in something like that. This event influenced my perspective on neglected tropical illnesses since I learned a lot about them through the educational and emotive speeches. Even though the presentations lasted longer than expected, I found it interesting to listen to individuals who are actively involved in reducing the number of people badly impacted by tropical diseases. 

I had not realised that the United Kingdom played such an important role in ensuring that those suffering from NTDs in rural, war-torn, or hard-to-reach regions received the medication they required to treat these diseases.  

It gives me hope to learn that countries like the UK are doing so much to support individuals who are severely impacted by diseases like malaria and NTDs. Therefore, it was wonderful to hear people’s personal stories and the efforts they made to improve the lives of those living in affected areas.  

Emilia with Dr Harrison, CEO of Unlimit Health, and Lord Trees.

Besides that, I had the opportunity to meet certain members of Parliament, which made me really proud of what I had accomplished. I am delighted to have designed a poster that will raise awareness about neglected tropical illnesses and has received approval from others.  

This event taught me not just about NTDs, but also about self-esteem and the power of believing in oneself to achieve your goals. Simply, you cannot succeed if you do not believe in yourself. 

So let us trust in curing neglected tropical diseases, breaking the cycle that takes the lives of millions of vulnerable people.