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World Environment Day - a day to reflect and take action

3 June 2021

SCI Foundation’s plan for climate action

As we mark World Environment Day on 5 June, SCI Foundation reflects on how we can take action to better safeguard our environment. Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has offered a space for reflection and highlighted the positive impacts that nature can yield. The restrictions led many to retreat to nature and green spaces to seek solace and feel grounded amid the surrounding uncertainty. Mayors in many cities have also warned that there can be no return to “business as usual” in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, if humanity is to escape catastrophic climate breakdown.

We’re still facing a global health crisis, and the threat of climate change is impending. When ecosystems are damaged or not in balance, it is not only the habitat of species that are destroyed, but the foundation on which our society and infrastructure is built.

Concerned about this, staff members at SCI Foundation are developing a plan for climate action. Below, they outline what they are doing to tackle the climate crisis.


Why is it important for SCI Foundation to acknowledge World Environment Day and take action?

The climate crisis is one of the biggest threats to our planet now and in the long-term. We believe that positive environmental action is everyone’s responsibility. The children that receive the treatments that SCIF supports the Ministries of Health to deliver will have to live with the consequences of climate change and our actions today. The most vulnerable in our global society will be impacted first, so it’s important that we take action now.

How can SCI Foundation act to lower our local and global environmental footprint and divert resources that help bring back nature instead of harming it?

SCIF has a climate action committee actively working on a green policy and climate action plan. Over the last year, we’ve had a chance to re-evaluate the way we work, and we’re using this time to create positive impact on our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

How can SCI Foundation get involved in the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration movement?

SCIF has started a climate action group internally to review the way we work and create a green policy to support positive environmental action. We’ll be asking staff for their input to a collective action plan. We already share ‘hacks’ with the team to support individuals to take positive climate action and create a culture where change is supported. We use our networks to work alongside other neglected tropical disease organisations and support each other in climate actions.

Name three ‘quick wins’ that SCI Foundation can put in place now to improve the environment?

  1. Review our travel policy, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions through work-related travel.
  2. Review our office working policy, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions from commuting.
  3. Review the IT policy, with the aim of reducing email cloud storage and choosing carbon neutral browsers.

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